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What Does Two Wheelers Insurance Cover? Is It Necessary?

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For those who just bought a new bike, do not forget to take the best two wheelers insurance. It covers a lot of sectors and will make sure that your payment would be worth it. There are several types you can choose and it affects the price you have to pay.

There is nothing more practical than driving a two-wheeled motorbike, more agile and agile are the main points why motorbikes are so popular. On the other hand, when compared to other modes, motorcycles have several weaknesses in the security and safety sector.

Two wheelers insurance

Because it only has two wheels make the potential for it to fall huge and make the motorbike damaged. In addition, due to the nature of the two wheelers that are not covered, there are also weaknesses in the security sector, they tend to be easy to steal.

If this is still a consideration for you to buy a motorbike, then insurance can be the answer to these fears. You can stay comfortable and calm owning a motorbike if you already have the right insurance subscription. But of course not all insurance covers.

Two Wheelers Insurance is Necessary and Urgently Needed

Bike insurance is an agreement between the owner of a two-wheeled and the insurer that will cover the cost of the bike depending on the agreement. This is by nature as a third-party that will help the motorcycle owner in terms of finances when something happens.

While you are wondering the importance of two wheelers insurance, we just want to convince you that it is very crucial to have one. It gives you as the owner the secure feeling and no worry if it stands alone. The fee does also not make you stressed.

It is urgently needed, have it since you get your new bike. But if you are not ready to pay any monthly payment yet, you have to know that it covers a lot of settlement ratios. Don't worry about the claim, as nowadays, insurer make sure the easy claims process.

Many situations reflect how important the bike insurance policy is. Indeed you can not avoid expenses for the monthly fee, but you can avoid the regular expense if your bike needs to be repaired. If you get into some trouble with the law, insurance can help you as well.

Types of Two Wheelers Insurance

If now is the time you have been wondering about the importance of insurance and are interested to have one, make sure you choose the most suitable types in terms of coverage and monthly fee. The insurance company will offer you different types of policies, such as:

1. Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Your first option is comprehensive bike insurance, which will offer wider coverage than anything else. This type of insurance is also known as All Risk insurance. The term of responsibility will determine the fee that needs to be paid to the insurer.

2. Third-Party Two Wheelers Insurance

This Third-Party does not provide direct financial protection. But this will lead to third-party workshops that have collaborated with bike insurers. So that later you get accessibility and ease, it is not all about the financial.

3. Total Loss Only (TLO)

Total Loss Only is a package of insurance offers regarding vehicle liability. This fee is cheaper than comprehensive, and the coverage provided is also less. When it comes to financial matters, 75% of the total price will be covered by the insurer.

What Does Two Wheelers Insurance Cover?

In the regulations governing the regulations regarding the coverage of the insurance that you have subscribed to, this will be the duties of the company. However, people often failed to claim because they don't know the details about which insurers can cover.

Again, we are not sure yet what your insurance company offers to you about the total coverage. But in general, we have some data about what insurers can cover when something happens. When we say “Something happens” these are what we mean:

1. Damages

Riding a motorcycle is identical to damages. Whether it's small damages or big damage, two wheelers insurance can cover the payment. So if you somehow got hit by a vehicle or accidentally fell off the bike, it can be fixed for free.

2. Stolen

As we have said before that two-wheeled vehicles have a much lower level of security than closed four-wheeled vehicles. But if the bike is stolen, the insurer can compensate for the stolen motorbike.

3. Third-Party Liability

If you want to replace a spare part because some parts of the motor are missing, then two wheelers insurance has come in and covered the cost. But when claiming, you must first make sure you buy at an official store with original parts too.

4. Accident

Accidents are hard to avoid when it comes to driving a two-wheeled vehicle. Besides being easy to fall, on the highway, there will accidents await. In case of an accident, motorcycle repair and medical expenses will be assisted by the insurer.

5. Interesting Promotions

Attractive promos are also covered by two wheelers insurance. If there is an offer related to two wheels and other vehicles, then you will be one of the people who receive the promotional information so that you can get it immediately.

What are those that does not Cover by Two Wheelers Insurance?

So that you do not become one of the people who ask for a claim to the insurance company, you must also know what the company will not cover. This doesn't mean that your regular payments are useless, but this is for a number of reasons.

The insurance company will not claim if this is due to damage due to regular use. For example damage in some parts due to the age of the bike. It is not included in the policies of two wheelers insurance, especially if it is an old motorbike.

Despite the fact you are still in the same country, you also can not ask for the claim if you are in another area as first confirmed by both. Damage because of war, racing, speed tests will also not be covered by insurance. If the riders violate traffic rules will also be ignored.

To make sure you have a better quality of motorized vehicles, don't ignore the important role of insurance subscriptions. They will be in charge if something happens. But first, find out what the two wheelers insurance deals are.