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Ways to use Snapchat for your businesses

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Ways to use Snapchat for your businesses - Is a business searching for perfect social media channel to get your lost customers back?

Ways to use snapchat for your businesses

Did you change the tactics or strategies that can work? So, believe it or not there is a social channel that might be perfect for you. If you are a pro marketer rely on digital audience then there are various channels where you can make connections possible.

Snapchat has again recovered from a big loss of stock declining from 60% as the users shift to Facebook and instagram due to resigning of the app. The statistic has shown a stability of the daily users that reached to 13 million and the regular views of videos have been increased to 14 Million.

Why is Snapchat different from other channels?

The first question arises for any marketer to follow the same path as others why would we choose Snapchat for our business? The only answer to this is because it is different. But this won’t satisfy marketers to spend large amount of investment of the platform which they aren’t aware of. 

Secondly, it’s just an app with Youngers goofing around, having fun. On the hidden side, Snapchat is the platform for brand to showcase the secretive side of the stories. You can easily customise your videos, photos and set a timer for the ones to see. 

Making your content unique and stand out the best way to do it is geofilters, text or stickers to have a little fun and glamour. It has been seen snapchat videos works similar to television ads, moreover it also portray a better visual attention as compared to Facebook and Instagram.

A sneak peak in the world of Snapchat Marketing

You can an idea of why businesses need to use Snapchat for getting connections. However, you are still unclear about how to reach out customers whether new or old to see your snapchat stories.

There are many famous companies that took initiative to plan out a better marketing version for gaining millions of followers.

Taco bell has done the same. The first company to recognise the social app and through a bunch of storytelling tools inside snapchat it create a buzz with new product offerings release. Though the lifespan of the stories are considerably short but still Taco bell continued to strike the campaign with success.

Snapchat ads will blow away marketers

Snapchat is the platform for youngsters to mingle with their own social circle give snaps updates on a regular basis, interact with each other around the world. 

For brand to reach out those snapchatter, it is basically very important to learn the moments you share would equally entertain, make it playful and approachable with authenticity.

The snapchat has invested on massive advertising and business expansion that will help marketers to add promotional campaigns quite easily. The best part about snapchat is your ads or messages won’t be lost in other competitors stories or left unseen.

No, The snaps you delivers to many followers has dipped deep under the customers inbox and when they decided to click on it the instant stories or ads pop up which is a great relief for companies.

Want to no more about SNAPCHAT ADS…..

Well, there are three main types of snapchat ads which are also commonly used by companies.

  • Snapchat Geofilter
  • Snapchat lenses
  • Snap ads.

If you have well planned while entering into the snapchat marketing world you must know the basics geofilter and lenses as they are most popular among brands too.

Sponsored Snapchat Geofilter

What is geofilter? It is the graphical design that has filters according to the location of the users and what they’re up to. There are further two types of Geofilter available.

  • On demand geofilter
  • National geo filter.

Both the filters will cost you a dollar and so, which means the on demand filter will cost you almost $5.On the other hand, national geofilter cost you around hundreds or thousands of dollars.  It is up to you which ever filter you choose for your brand. If you are hosting an event, opening a new clothing brand or new branch to any other city you are likely able to use Geofilters.

Sponsored Snapchat lenses

This feature is tending to be most creative of all and have a little fun element though. This filter is basically added on lenses which users can use it on their faces.

How can brands use it? Well, many brands have tries these filters to spread just for laugh moments and promoting their campaign in an unconventional way. 

This campaign style is very popular among celebrities and young users where essay help UK estimate daily 70 million active users use them. For example Starbucks and taco bell purchased the filters so that users could subconsciously use it and then buy their products later.

Glimpse of the day at your company

Every customer is very excited and indulged in seeing the sneaky peaky of the brand that they purchase from. Snapchat stories has become most popular viewed screen time of all where companies can easily showcase behind the scene of how they prepare their products If it is a restaurant business or a beauty product.

For example making videos of events, what is happing at the backstage, live events to get to know daily routine of the company.

View things at a different angle

Snapchat is not about taking selfies or video sharing it is more than that try different other features. Even though it has limited features but you can make it still manage to stand out with various strategies.

How can you reach out customers even you do not have one?

There are many tricks or tips to get going on your Snapchat dairies and get attracted to millions of other customers. The email marketing is still very much important source of promoting your message or getting awareness.

You can simply utilise emails by including snapcode or snapchat URL into the body of the emails but in a unique or stand out way.

The tricky and effective way to do is offer a limited time promotion which is only available on snapchat. Cutomised your marketing style according to the platform you choose. Thorough email you can even offer discount packages which can be accessed by viewing snapchat stories and be our member.

Take help from powerful channels

If you have aim to increase your potential customer and spreading your voice to snapchat then you need to promote yourself as a brand. As there are few followers on your snapchat list you must take help form other strong channels to increase connections. 

Make sure you add your snapcode clearly on the specific channel where you think you have large amount of followers.

Final verdict

In conclusion, if you are the business for younger generation with 13-25 age groups then it is a goldmine for you. However, you need to plan accordingly as per your niche. Those of the companies who can create a fun, glamorous site of their brand and have potential to spark the lights of interest in customer’s eyes should definitely utilise snapchat for marketing.