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10 Types of Corporate Videos for Companies

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In this article we want to share what are the 10 types of corporate videos for companies, as well as introducing the objectives and characteristics of these. The corporate communication is making strides since a new medium as has been the Internet has become the primary means of business communication.

Not only with regard to audiovisual tools but also to all communicational areas, but in the case that concerns us – online video – it also has great importance.

Corporate videos for companies

The corporate video must be born to fulfill a clear function and be able to focus through that function on achieving a goal. Before listing the types of corporate videos, I would like to list the functions that a business video should cover.

The function is referred to the speech in the message. The audiovisual discourse of a corporate video can be undertaken with 4 different types of functions, although when you try to make a classification or enumeration there is always a subjective perspective that includes or eliminates options.

The 4 functions of corporate video

When we decided to start making a video script for the company, we have to choose how we want it to be and what it should contain, that is, content and form.

1. Informative function

In this type of video we do not pretend to convince anyone of anything, we only present information from a prism as objective as possible. This function can be accompanied by another, since in many corporate videos we can spend some time presenting a small analysis of the context in which the company moves or interesting data from the company itself to later persuade.

2. Formative function

The new publicity is using this function to reach its target audience easier. Currently we generate a great rejection to any commercial message that pretends to sell us something directly. That is why training in social issues or topics where your audience is interested is an attractive way to approach your potential future clients.

3. Entertainment function

Like its predecessor, it looks for its public to feel comfortable with the brand’s advertising. It is a function of discourse that aims to generate engagement and works to strengthen corporate branding.

4. Persuasive function

There are innumerable ways to present a persuasive speech. We all know those messages in which they clearly tell us to “buy this object because it is the best” but there are also more subtle and intelligent methods.

Types of corporate videos. Characteristics and differences between them.

  • Corporate video: Video in which we intend to generate a letter of presentation as complete as our company, showing what differentiates us and making a tour of our tangible and intangible values ​​that characterizes us.
  • Promotional video: Ideal for the tourism sector but also to publicize a timely promotion of both services and products. Personally, this type of video I recommend that you make strategic training at a time when the company seeks a boost to one of its products.
  • Product or service video: It can be short or be part of a set of videos to show the characteristics of the product or service. One of YouTube’s most successful channels is based only on this type of videos. I invite you to visit it.
  • Animated video: Animated video is a current trend and in which two types of videos can be distinguished: motion graphics or video animation.
  • Testimonial video: We look for the proximity to a testimony that is interesting for our target audience, either by customers who already use our product or by people outside the company whose testimony has great value.
  • Video Tutorial (How to): Very successful on YouTube. These videos have a didactic function, show how it works or how a certain product is used, app, web page…
  • Advertorial: Video disguised in the form of news that brings us the company with an informative and differentiating vision.
  • Video of events: Shows the realization of a corporate event. It is a type of video that has an objective more directed to branding and to some of its public as you can be: workers, partners, suppliers…
  • Advertising spot: The conventional advertising video. A powerful tool for its brevity (from 20 to 30 seconds) and for the infinity of formats to which we can adapt it.

What types of company videos can be made?

This is probably the first question we must ask ourselves before we begin, and although it may not seem so, it is easy to answer. In communication before we start working on an audiovisual action or strategy, we must set ourselves some objectives.

These objectives will be the ones that show us the way to where we should go, not only referred to the video but in all kinds of actions. That is why we must answer the question: What do we want to communicate?

As a producer of company videos we have had cases of requesting a specific type of corporate video when what they needed was the opposite, that is why we do not like to typify videos because more important than a label is the type of communication that is intended to achieve with the.

A video for company must be made based on two types of objectives. Marketing objectives and communication objectives.

One of our tips is to think and list a list of ideas, concepts or data that you think your target audience should know.

The target audience is not only the one you want to buy your products, since a company has different audiences: customers, suppliers, employees, competition.

How do you want your company to be perceived?

Corporate videos are a type of video that addresses a communication based on the operation, characteristics and corporate values ​​of the company towards a specific audience. This type of video is ideal for working corporate positioning and branding.

The current trend of this type of videos revolves around corporate values. Intangible values ​​that make our company different from the others and informative arguments that show where we are going or where we have come from doing our work.

With the development of online communication, business videos increasingly occupy a considerable presence in web pages and video channels on the Internet. Presenting your company in just two minutes provides the user with all the information you must have to persuade that your company is the best option.

Do not forget that this type of video always has 2 publics; the internal and external public. The brand image starts at the center of our company.

Reflecting the corporate values ​​in a video is the best way to project how you want to be perceived. For this it is important to work on a quality of images that correctly identify the work carried out by the corporation.