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Top 7 Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies

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Top 7 Hot Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies - Artificial Intelligence is a popular word for any other marketer, newspaper or business owner. The Artificial Intelligence is not just a word but an initial stage for businesses to progress and make cost effective decisions with the help of such potential 4th industrial revolution.

Artificial intelligence ai technologies

When observing the definition of AI it is said to be a developed computer system which is not an average one can perform task that requires human intelligence. This means a machine that can go beyond an average human brain would complete a task, it compete with speed, competency and capacity.

7 AI trends to further opportunities   

According to buy essay, almost 80% of the sales and marketing leaders such as Amazon, Star bucks etc. are those who have already initiate chatbots tech to personalised customers experience. What are the hottest trends of AI which CIOs and other businesses need to observe and grasp?

1. Natural Language generation (converting text into data)

Stating the words that only your friends would understand, there are mostly code words or phrases that could be recognized by single or many individuals. Understand what a machine has to say to a human obviously one would not grasp its meaning.

This is why natural language generation that is particularly for computational linguistics an area of AI, concern with human to machine and machine to human interaction possible. There are three stages of natural language generation process how the written text is converted into an understandable data.

  • Document planning (plan the content and structure outline)
  • Micro planning (referring expression, word choice, aggregation)
  • Realisation (translating specifications to a real text).

2. Speech Recognition-Transcribe and transform human language

As Internet of things has made massive advancement in the real world humans can now talk to their devices, light bulbs, cars, room and many other objects are easily understandable.

However, to talk to the machines the basic principle is speech recognition, transformation of human speech into a data useful for computer application. The application or software will help make user- friendliness and increase productivity.

As many market leaders has used these software for such as Android and iPhone which makes things easier for users to search or communicate conveniently without using your hands.

3. Machine learning- way to make computers intelligent

Machine learning is a growing technology that it being implemented by many businesses, data engineers and scientist. It is the vast term which forms as an umbrella under a familiar form of model analysis, variables, and algorithms are combined.

The main purpose it follows it to allow computers to learn. As the computer become intelligent enough it do not require any kind of instruction by humans.

The machine learning term has the phrase called understanding which means it learn through analyzing different pattern of data and monitoring and transmitting those patterns to newest data.    

4. Drone camera for beautifully designed shots and videos 

The drone camera are found anywhere at your destination wedding shoots or for a project based programs and also seen by Photographers. This technology is the AI subset which helps to take pictures and videos at any angle you want.

Not just that, pairing these two together will form a couple match made in heaven, and making them work will give a human like eye in the sky.

There have been many benefits associated with drones capturing the raw sensors data. this is done through computer vision analysis and monitoring the meaningful information from one or more images.

5. Smart Appliances 

AI has transformed our lives at a 90 degree angle where our homes are now designed in such a way they has made humans life easier and convenient. If you are looking for light bulbs, security cameras or purifier these all can be connected to the internet this has been possible now.

AI has enable humans and machines to interact and communicate understand each other and help obey commands easily. Talking about giving commands to machines, digital assistant or AI assistant is the one who can track your voice and function accordingly give details of the results you ask for.

Whether you need to make calls, search through internet or connecting to the other device through internet all can be done by artificial intelligence.

6. Biometrics and Artificial intelligence

The biometric is the way to identify measure and analyse the physical aspect of the human behavior and body and work together to develop potential and effective security models. 

In the past years companies has found security breaches and issues related to data transmitted to unknown IP addresses and hackers being active in such activities. 

This has been a major concern for many business owners that is why organisation has adopted security mechanism to secure business related data safely.

Biometrics is used in smart phones as a finger print scanner or work place to identify or track the original person entering the work place or using the smart phone. AI and biometric are combined to power the hidden mechanics of data and lead to complex security model.

7. Robots that works and talk like humans  

There have been automobiles companies and industrial businesses who have adopted Robotic processes. The robotics technology has made life easier and eliminate repetitive task from the work place such as waiters job, recruiters etc.

The technology is m=not meant to compete against humans or eliminate them but help them out and make their task easier and effective.

Wrapping up

Now, you got an idea about how these technology innovations are transforming our lives and making it convenient for the future generation. Many of the given trends are already being shaped and experienced by humans and some are still waiting to be mold in the human world.