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5 Tips to Grow your Small Business with Instagram

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Tips to Grow your Small Business with Instagram - The growth of the digital landscape has given rise to online businesses and has added up a lot in the competition.

The race is so huge that the businesses that don’t show their consistent presence on the digital channels can be replaced by their competitors anytime soon.

Tips to grow small business with instagram

So, you must pay special attention to the digital channels as you can get a great traffic from these platforms. Facebook and Instagram are the most prominent amongst all. With having more than 1 billion followers on Instagram, it’s a great tool to market your small business and gain traction from it.

If you don’t know how Instagram can be beneficial, learn from these superb marketing tips to grow your small business. Let’s start.

1. Focus on the Content

With one Instagram post, you have 60 seconds to make a strong impression of your business. And you can only do it with a picture that makes the reader’s stop for a while. After that, you can make them read your caption to attract the audience to your business.

First, find the potential audience of your small business and target their interest. For example, if your business audience is the corporate professionals who are tired of their jobs then give them something meaningful to follow.

For example, how to follow your decision to and what are the perks of getting out of the 9 to 5 culture. If you target the pain points of your audience, you will make them follow you. The use of the creative picture is important because it’s only the picture that will make the audience involved for a while.

2. Create Compelling Stories

Your business shouldn’t be focused solely on the services you provide but also the scenes behind it. For example, you can show your workplace, the team and things that influence you. By creating real-time stories, your small business will gain visibility soon.

If you have an eCommerce store as your small business, then you can display your products on Instagram by using the relevant hashtags and get benefitted by the engagement you receive.

Know that stories remain on the news feed for 24 hours only so you should create your story in a way that the influence remain on the audience’s mind for long. If you have a product then you can also create a story about your product and promote your small business.

3. Use Hashtags

Instagram allows you to add up to 40 hashtags on your post. If you use the right hashtags you can maximize your online growth to the maximum. There is a list of successful digital marketing companies in NewYork who scale their presence by posting regularly on Instagram with the right hashtags.

Hashtags are so powerful that you can’t imagine the traffic you generate through it. But make sure to avoid the hashtags which are banned from Instagram because it can be marked as spam.

Using a location tag is also good for receiving engagements on your post as it will help you sound realistic for your audience.

4. Consistency

Consistency is the key to building your credibility and followers on Instagram. By posting regular content you will stay in your audience news feed which will let them think about you. Also, by staying consistent your small business will gain visibility and traffic.

If you stay consistent throughout the posting on Instagram, be it stories, posts or showing collaboration with other businesses you’ll notice a positive growth in your online presence.

5. Contests

Instagram contests are beneficial in growing your account reach and letting people know about your business.

By giving short giveaways such as subscription of your software, or a free product for people’s engagement with the post won’t only increase the followers but will also grow your word of mouth advertising.

Your small business can gain great benefits from running these short contests and will also bring it under the audience attention.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a great tool for marketing your small business. We commit mistakes when we don’t make the most of the opportunity by missing this powerful tool. So, you should use this platform to grow your small venture and create golden opportunities for your business to scale.