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5 Tips To Follow Before Selling Your Used iPhone Phone

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Tips To Follow Before Selling Your Used iPhone Phone - Are you ready to sell your used iPhone? Reasons for selling your used iPhone can be multiple. It can be either because you have a damaged piece, you want to make money, or maybe you are bored with the old one. Whatever be the reasons, the main attention is to sell an iPhone and get a fair price in return.

Tips before selling your used iphone phone

Whoa! Getting in touch with an iPhone phone buyback trader is quite easier. As everyone is on the edge to have an iPhone at a lower price rate. It really doesn’t matter for a standard person whether the phone is a used one or not. If it’s an iPhone, it is definitely a “yes”.

However, the difficulty level lies somewhere else. Finding an iPhone phone buyback trader to sell your item is easy but finding a trusted trader to sell your piece is where lies the main dilemma. Hence it is always important to follow certain tips before selling your expensive piece.

5 Tips to Consider Before Selling The Used iPhone

1. Back up all your mobile information

The very first thing that you must bear in mind is your iPhone no matter how expensive it is, it contains more expensive thing- data. Your first job would be to back up all your mobile information. Use your laptop, computer, or any hard disk to save your data before selling the phone.

Just press Ctrl+Cand Ctrl+V before you make your final statement with the seller. You can even use the iCloud to back up your data. But for this you have to activate the iCloud backup feature in your iPhone. 

Go to settings, tap on iCloud, and turn on Storage and Backup icon. Maybe it’s easier than the other one.

2. Perform factory reset

Once you have completed backing up data to your iCloud or any hard disk, it is time to erase all your registered details and other information from the phone.

This job can be performed by tapping on factory reset. Being an iPhone user, you just need to perform a few steps to reset your phone. Go to settings, scroll down to find the Reset button, and finally tap on Erase All Data.

3. Don’t forget to remove SD card and Sim card

Have you removed your SD card and Sim card? Often people make this mistake. They erase out all data leaving behind the SD card and Sim card. To avoid such risks, it is necessary to remove them at first the moment you decide to sell your device to an iPhone phone buyback

4. Make sure you encrypt your device

Yes, we agree that Factory Reset erases all data. But does it really erase all data? No! There still remains some data that might be missed out while resetting. You need to find those data and erase it manually.

Or else, you can encrypt the device and then reset your phone. Encrypting devices scrambles all data, making it difficult for the device to understand. By this way, even if there remains any data, by mistake, it is impossible to recover it by anyone. It becomes totally safe to sell your iPhone now.

5. Choose a right platform to sell your item

Finally, when everything is done, it is time to find the right platform and sell your item at a high price. Well, the price will definitely differ based on the working condition and appearance. But choose a perfect platform where you get a fair price based on your mobile device.


Safe selling of your used iPhone is very necessary. As you can’t believe anyone in this fake world. It is said, even the right hand can’t trust your left hand, then how can you trust a whole person. However, keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, you can make your selling easier and safer. Isn’t that all you want?