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7 Tips to Design Creative Magazine Cover

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Tips to Design Creative Magazine Cover - Designing a magazine’s cover is a dream come true for a designer. It is a tough job, but a designer can work with illustrators, photographers and so on to come up with a unique and creative cover.

A magazine cover has two simple but important goals. Firstly, to engage the attention of a potential buyer and second to deliver the theme, content, and message of the magazine.

Tips to design creative magazines cover

Now, as a designer, you have to come up with a design that can accomplish both these goals and increases the chances of a customer buying the magazine. Now how do you design a magazine cover that can achieve the above goals? By using different techniques that’s striking, fresh and unique from the competition.

Design an unusual cover or something out of the box, but make sure, you tie it to the theme of the magazine and its content somehow. Let’s take a look at some of the most exquisite and unique design ideas for your magazine cover.

1. Know your target audience

Not everyone is going to be interested in your magazine as everyone has different taste. Also, there are certain people who don’t read a magazine. So, you have to keep both these thing in mind and find out the demographics of the people who will read your magazine’s content.

Once you know your target audience, you can design a magazine cover according to their liking and needs.

2. Dark image light text, light image dark text

Magazine covers usually have images or illustration and text to convey the content of the magazine. To make sure your cover attracts consumers, use an appealing image. Use a combination of dark and light for placing images and text. On a dark background, write text using a light color and vice versa.

Also, the image you place must use a combination of dark and light regions to give it a different touch. Nowadays, the designer uses software like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator that can help you with this.

3. The color of the text should complement each other

For the magazine’s cover title and subtitles, the ideal colors are black and white. But to make the cover more fun, you can use other colors for other content of the cover. The text color on the cover is never selected randomly by a designer. It either compliments the image or the illustration beneath or goes with the tune of the overall magazine’s theme.

4. The photo and background should complement each other

99% of magazine covers use an image of some kind as their magazine cover, and it takes up the largest layout space. Thus, it is necessary to use an image that is catchy, engaging and fresh. If the image is of a person, make them look at the camera’s lens, as it will make the most impact by maintaining an eye-contact with the reader.

Also, place the image on a background which is either a solid color or transparent. It is because it will make the text and photo stand out.

5. Show a sequence

Another idea is to use a grid to show a sequence of a bird flying or a dancer dancing and son. It uses minimal color and typography, but the effect is maximum.

6. A single color with white and black topography looks amazing

To create an effective magazine cover, it is not necessary to use a full-color palette. Using only a single bold color can make the cover effective and engaging.

It is a simple design idea that brings the whole magazine together. Use a single bright color against black and white typography for magazines whose target audiences are men or techno lovers.

7. Fashion magazine’s cover should be minimal

Designing a fashion or lifestyle magazine than its best to use a minimal design for the cover page. The design should be inspirational and on trend which makes it look simple yet stylish.

Fashion magazine covers have images of model, so pair it with a white or light background which covers 2/3rd of the page and use a contrast text color.

These tips will give a designer many creative ideas to design a magazine cover. The best tip I can give you is to have fun while creating your cover and everything else will fall into place.