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10 Tips to Decorate Living Room Beautifully

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Tips to Decorate Living Room Beautifully - The living room is one of the most important spaces of your house as it shows a glimpse of your personality to the people who come to meet you. Your guests get a clear idea about your choice and lifestyle so you cannot compromise with it, no matter what, it has to look beautiful.

Tips to decorate living room beautifully

You can make every nook and corner of your living room beautiful by choosing the right piece of furniture, decorative items, or color pallet. There are end numbers of ideas that can make your living room unique and make you fall in love with it.

There are some great ideas to decorate your living room to make it look distinct either with handmade products or with products available in the market. There are many handmade items that can add uniqueness to the most used part of your home that is the living room.

Decorative Ideas for your living room

1. Layering multiple rugs

If you hire professional interior designs then this will surely be on his mind as it is one of the most used ideas among the interior designers. Layering the rugs requires two to three rugs to add a little uniqueness to your room.

You can have an oversized rug that will cover the whole room and 1-2 small ones to layer the big one. The big one which you buy should be in a solid color like beige, light gray, or ivory that can be cotton or a jute rug depending upon your preference. 

If it is flatly woven then it doesn’t pile up. You can use accent rugs with vibrant colors and artistic patterns.

2. Leave breathing space in your room by spacing it out.

The new in is working around the emptiness of the room to make it look beautiful. Hoarding decorative and furniture has become old and is considered as boring and old fashioned. It not only keeps your room organized but also makes it look big and beautiful. 

The emptiness in the room speaks volumes about itself. To add to this concept do not go for bulky furniture instead choose a smaller sofa, keep it away from your walls and a glass top on your table gives the illusion of more space. Make it possible by ditching unnecessary pieces of decorative material where it is not required.

3. Plants bring nature and style to your living room

To add life to your living room it is necessary to add indoor plants to it as plants will make it come alive. If the colors used in your living room are of neutral shade then the shade of green in your plants and terrarium will brighten your room and add breathability.

The tint of greenery will surely make your dull or desolate decorative pieces liven up space. It is a good start to make your room appear fresh and airy.

4. Decorate with a sideboard

If you have a television in your living room then a sideboard can beautify the space as well as enhance the look of your television. It not only hides the wires but can also make things easier to manage. If you do not want to use a sideboard as a TV stand then also it can offer a lot of space to keep things and decorate accents on its top. In addition to it, they offer aesthetic pleasure to the eyes as well.

5. Add a personal touch to your living room

There are many options available that are and lead to an overly crowded living room. If you add a personal touch to the living room then it enlivens the whole room. Try to imprint the lives of the people you love into your home through pictures. You can also add the handmade portraits or artwork made by your children on a wall or make a wall of photo frames to add a personalized touch to your home.

6. Use a pouf and a side table in your living room

Would you like to make your living room like other common living rooms by adding the most common pieces of furniture and home decors like coffee table, sofa, rug, and floor lamp? By adding pouf and a side table will make you stand out of the crowd. 

These two important pieces of furniture add life and a unique look to your living room. There is a wide variety of poufs and side tables available in the market to choose from.

7. Hang up a rug on the wall

Embellish your white walls with a colorful rug. It is a technique that is trending in the design world a lot as it is a creative idea that cost very less and can woo anyone. It definitely adds warmth to the living room. You can hand the jute or cotton rugs behind the sideboard, sofa, or any other piece of furniture.

8. Add books to decorate your living room

Adding books to the shelf of your living room or as an accent of the table is the new trend. If you are a book worm then don’t shy away from displaying your favorite book on your bookshelf or where visitors can have a sneak peek into it.

Either put the stack of your collection of books on a side table; put it on the coffee table, sideboard or anywhere else in the most creative manner. It will serve your purpose of decorating your living room.

9. Choose an extensive range of lights ideas as well

Decorating your living room with a floor lamp is unbeatable but at the same time, you can try some new ideas as well. Try a table lamp, strung exposed bulbs for the contemporary look, fairy lights for a dreamy feel, pre-installed lamp on the ceiling that can complement your room.

You just need to explore the ones that match your room. You can easily buy a table lamp online or explore other options from the market or online.

10. Bright colored cushions for the room

Though they are tiny elements yet very important for cushions the aesthetic of the room. The trend has come when you can make your room vibrant by adding bright color cushions to your sofas. Hand block printed bed sheets are in a trend that can be used on your sofa in style rather than using the traditional way of covering your sofa with the covers.