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10 Tips for Improving Sustainable Packaging

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Tips for Improving Sustainable Packaging - The concept of sustainable packaging has been growing in popularity in recent times. The biggest reason is that we need sustainability now more than ever. However, with the concept of sustainable packaging growing, many companies and buyers are left to wonder what sustainability is.

Tips for improving sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging consists of packaging which causes no harm to its consumers as well as the environment. It is mostly made of recycled and renewable materials which is why it is the most environmentally safe packaging for the products.

It not only prevents further damage to our environment but also encourages using renewable products. Custom boxes wholesale is the best way for packaging companies to partake in saving the environment and going green.

Although the idea of using sustainable packaging sounds easy, there are many steps one needs to consider before implementing their product packaging design. 

Sustainability is a very serious step and to take this step in the packaging world, one needs to take all the necessary steps needed, albeit how small they seem. Below are some tips which will make achieving sustainability in your packaging a lot easier:

1. Corrugated Packaging is the Key to Sustainability 

There are many types of packaging, a packaging company can use to pack its products in, but most product packages are not environment friendly and they cannot be recycled or reused. Corrugated packages are made of cardboard which can be easily recycled and reused.

It is also made out of recycled products which makes it the ideal choice for sustainable packaging. Using corrugated packaging will make a huge difference in your path to achieving sustainable packaging. 

2. Design your Packaging through a Life-Cycle Approach 

Reaching the peak of sustainability is a lot easier if you follow this approach. There are many Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools that allow you to research easily on how using each product can affect the environment negatively or positively.

By using this approach, you can easily observe and eliminate every element which can harm the environment and innovate better ways to use as alternatives. This step is crucial and makes designing sustainable packaging a lot easier.

3. Research on where the Materials for Packaging come from 

By researching where the materials for your product packaging come from, you can analyze which materials need to be eliminated from your product design plan and find better alternatives for your product packaging.

No matter how much you do your absolute best to achieve sustainable packaging, your hard work will be useless if the materials you are using are not sustainable themselves. Researching is a crucial part of package designing and the sooner you eliminate materials that damage the environment from your bath bomb boxes, the better.

4. Minimal Packaging is the Right choice 

When designing packaging for a product, you need to remember that less is more. Fewer materials will be required if the packaging size is minimal. Another huge advantage this step serves is that the costs invested in the manufacturing of the product packaging are less as well.

Minimal means to use as fewer materials as possible yet still managing to do thee require the job done the right way. By using such a technique we are not only saving the environment from further harm but also saving money in the process of it.

5. Use Materials such as Renewable Feedstock in your Package Design

Feedstock includes bio-plastics made using organic materials such as corn or sugarcane. This is an innovation which has proved to be of huge advantage for the environment, the producers and the consumers.

By using organic materials, there is no damage done to the environment and the packaging can be reused and recycled as well.

6. Investing in an Industrial Shredder is the Right choice

The most fascinating thing about the industrial shredder is the fact that it can shred almost about anything. It is the best way to recycle all kinds of plastics and other materials that a packaging company can use for making the packaging. An industrial shredder can make recycling and reusing materials a lot easier.

7. Avoid Acrylic Packaging 

Acrylic packaging is widely used in the world of product packaging. Although it is highly popular to use, it is very harmful to the environment. The harm it does to the environment is the exact reason a company that is focusing on sustainable packaging should avoid it. 

Using corrugated packaging or reusable and recyclable packaging is a better alternative for using acrylic packaging.

8. High Recycled Content Plastic Plays a Huge Role in Sustainable Packaging

Out of all the materials which are currently damaging the environment, the biggest one out of all is plastic. Recycling plastic is the best way to prevent damaging the environment. Recycled PET (RPET) is the type of plastic that is perfect for packaging as it is made by recycling water bottles.

This does not only save the environment by avoiding to produce more plastic but also allow you to make the most use out of the plastic already in existence.

9. Using the Right Printers is a Key Element for Sustainable Packaging

Choosing the right type of printer is crucial. Offset printing presses waste about 400 sheets f paper to eventually print the right color which is a huge amount of waste of paper and ink. By using inkjet, digital and wide-format printers, you can print the packaging of your choice without wasting anything and putting the environment at risk.

10. Make sure that the Brands and Providers you are working with are also Pro-Sustainability

Researching is not only crucial for the materials you are using but also for the partners you will be working with. It is important to search for a brand’s background before working with them.

If they do not believe in sustainable packaging then working with them will be bad for your brand’s image and it will also oppose the cause you believe in. It’s best to work with companies that believe in sustainable packaging as much as you do.