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5 Reasons You Need a Traffic Violation Lawyer

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Reasons You Need a Traffic Violation Lawyer - Every day, thousands of drivers are fined for over-speeding. Though over-speeding is the most common traffic violation, it is not the only one.

The moment you run a red light, enter a no-entry zone, drive without a valid driving license and other documents, or even park your vehicle in a no-parking area, then you are eligible to get fined for a traffic violation and hence arises the need for a traffic violation attorney.

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Traffic violations are of different magnitudes. While in some of them, you only need to pay a monetary fine, in others, you may have to face a real trial. For example, over-speeding and breaking a red light are easy to resolve, but the complex ones like driving under alcohol or substance influence or hit and run may put you in some serious trouble.

If you get charged with a traffic violation, regardless of the magnitude of the crime, you should consider hiring a traffic violation attorney. In the following article, we have discussed five reasons why one should always let a traffic violation lawyer handle their case.

1. You aren’t well versed with traffic laws

Traffic laws aren’t the most complicated ones, but they also aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you are sure that you have violated a traffic rule, then you should first understand the consequences of the crime according to the laws of your state.

To understand that, you will need an expert to guide you through the whole set of federal laws along with state and local traffic codes. A lawyer fights hundreds of similar cases every year and is competent enough to help you in such situations.

2. Lowering or dismissing the penalty fine

If you add up all the penalties paid by US citizens in a year, then it would amount to some $6 Billion, which is a considerable amount. It certainly implies that once you have made a traffic violation, then you have to pay the penalty amount. 

For the first and second-time offenders, it is usually easy to settle the case and get ahead. However, if you are among the repeated offenders, or is the ticket is wrongly issued, then you need a traffic violation attorney.

The lawyer can be of great help, as he/she will contest the penalty or explain your circumstances of violation to the traffic court in detail and might eventually get your penalty lowered or even dismissed. The best thing about a penalty being dismissed is that you don’t accumulate points on your driver’s license and it will not get suspended.

3. To gather evidence and proofs

Sometimes you may end up with a traffic violation ticket, even if you haven’t made any. To prove your innocence, the only way is to contest the ticket. If you are challenging your penalty in the court, then don’t think that you can gather all the proofs and evidence on your own.

Typically all the states have CCTV cameras installed on traffic signals which can provide adequate evidence to prove your innocence. However, it’s not very easy to have your hands on those records, but you can always depend on your traffic violation lawyer for doing it. 

They are experts in their job, and they know how to bypass the bureaucracy and gain access to the traffic camera video recordings. Once the video evidence establishes that you haven’t made any violation, the lawyer will make sure that the ticket stands dismissed. 

You can even go ahead and instruct your lawyer for suing the traffic police officer for issuing a false ticket.

4. Get an alternative punishment 

Except for a few cases, the majority of traffic violation tickets are issued due to legitimate reasons. Also, believing that your lawyer can always help you in getting your penalty reduced isn’t right either. 

If there is substantial evidence to prove that you have made the violation, then your lawyer can’t do much to get the ticket minimized or dismissed. However, your lawyer can negotiate you an alternate discipline if you aren’t a repeat offender. 

You may already know that a natural alternative to losing one’s driver’s license is attending a driver training school. We understand that going back to driving school doesn’t sound very intimidating, but it will at least save your driver’s license from getting quashed.

5. Save your money 

The most common reason why people don’t opt for traffic violation lawyer is the cost. However, when we talk about traffic violations, we aren’t only concerned about the monetary penalty that you pay.

We are also concerned about the violation points, which will reflect on your driving record, which will lead to higher insurance premiums. Now you know why hiring a traffic violation lawyer is a better thing to do. 

Sometimes we don’t have full control over the circumstances, and anyone can make mistakes.