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10 Questions For Successful Logo Design

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Questions For Successful Logo Design - Logos are more than just a symbol, they become your brand’s identity. A good logo design acts as a virtual handshake for a business. It portrays the brand personality while setting the tone for all marketing strategies.

Logo design

But as you kick start the process of creating a spectacular logo design, consider some crucial aspects first such as your company values, goals etc.

These factors will help create a relevant and unique design that can stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impact. Consider these 10 crucial questions when designing a successful logo for your company.

1. What is your logo’s purpose?

While this may seem a trivial question, it actually serves a pivotal purpose in defining the scope of this entire process. Identify how a powerful logo can benefit your business and create a design based on that.

Your logo must convey the brand message and the design must translate into a meaningful message for the audience. Logos must be designed in such a way that they can help the brand rise above the clutter and become recognizable.

2. What are your company’s various products and services? 

The products and services offered by a company is the star of the show. The logo design should be indicative of the product line so that the audience can establish a connection between them. This will help make the logo recognizable and strengthen the brand identity.

Describe in detail how the company works and the various products to the designer creating your logo. This insight will help designers bring the same energy to the design as your business.

3. What kind of logotypes can be used for your company?

As you venture out to design a great logo, gather as much information as possible. Logos can be categorized into four main types, namely, Wordmark, Abstract, Letterform and Pictorial. Each logotype can produce a remarkable logo design when created with care and understanding. 

Word mark Logos are logo designs created with abbreviations or the exact name of the company such as Google, Facebook, etc. While this category may seem the easiest and safest bet, don’t let the simplicity of it fool you. 

The logo font, font size, weight, colours and many other factors contribute to the success of a Word mark Logo. Abstract Logos are defined as artistic symbols and abstract designs. These logos while appear to be purely creative must have certain meaning behind them in order to be relatable.

Letter form Logos use a single letter of the brand’s name as their logo such as McDonald’s, Honda, Unilever etc. Designing the logo using a single letter and making it stand out becomes critical for such logos.

Pictorial logos illustrate the company name in the form of an image such as Red Fox hotels, Starbucks etc. The image logo should be such that it stays true to the meaning while standing out from the rest.

4. Which fonts should be considered for the logo design?

Fonts play a very significant role in the logo design. They can make the entire design come together while putting the company name in the limelight. Consider your target audience and chose the font accordingly.

For instance, for a professional audience, consider a more formal and elegant font family. On the other hand, for a young audience, a more creative and fun font may also work.

5. What colours are to be used in the logo?

Colours used in a logo play a crucial part in making the logo attractive. Choose colours that go well on all possible marketing platforms such as t-shirts, coasters, billboards and even digital platforms such as social media accounts, websites etc. The colours should be harmonious together.

6. Which is your target audience? 

Each company or rather, each product has a very specific audience that should be targeted. The demographics of the audience must be taken into account while designing a logo since the entire purpose of a logo is to build a brand identity for the target audience.

7. What kind of logos do your competitors have? 

It is always a smart strategy to keep an eye on the competition. Stay updated on which companies are the present competition or possess the potential to become one in the near future. Check out what kind of logos are being used in your relevant industries and what is working and not.

This will also help you make sure that the logo you create can stand out from them. The key is to remember that while it is great to be inspired but your logo must be unique.

8. Is the design scalable and flexible enough to be used in the years to come? 

As you create your first logo design, keep the foreseeable future in your sight. When the business grows, the logo must stay relevant. Or at least it should be feasible to modify the design.

The logos are often used on smallest of the surfaces such as stickers and largest like billboards. Logo design should be such that it looks spectacular and powerful on all platforms.

9. Is there a tagline or motto to be incorporated in the logo design? 

Some companies prefer adding their motto or tagline with the logo design in order to leave a more impact on the viewers. Make sure to establish this aspect at the beginning itself. As the designer creates a logo, he/she would need to take into consideration more than one font.

Keep in mind that it would take up space and can create issues while printing on small surfaces such as pens.

10. Should you design the logo or hire a professional logo designer? 

As an entrepreneur, the main focus becomes saving money wherever possible. But a logo design is one element where you must not scrimp. Today, with the cutting edge AI-based designing tools such as Designhill, you can create a great logo on your own even if you do not have a designing background of any kind.

In case you wish to hire a professional designer, these platforms also let you create a job where designers from around the world can submit their work. You can choose the logo you find best suitable for your company at the most affordable prices.

Think of your logo as the stepping stone towards a series of some powerful marketing campaigns in the years to come. Taking into account these questions while you are at the brink of designing a logo while ensuring that you end up with a great logo which can do justice to your brand.