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Cons of Choosing Same Car Insurance Company for Your New Car

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So you are in the position to choose which car insurance company to use for your new car, while your old car uses it from particular company? It is a hard choice when be in that position. One-sided, you have the ease on the old one, but there are cons as well.

Car owners must know that car insurance is very important and needed from the first time they own a car. They will offer many things according to the car insurance policy and every time you contact them, you will be given an attractive offer.

Car insurance company

However, it will be quite difficult to determine whether the car insurance company should vary or stay at one. Suppose you have an insurance subscription at company A, but when you buy a new car, you become interested in what company B has to offer for insurance.

This insurance is a third party that will cover costs in terms of finance for car needs. Therefore, the considerations are many, moreover, the insurance for your car will last for a long time. But which option is better when offered insurance?

How Long Can You be on the Same Car Insurance Company?

Before we talk too much about which one was the most suitable with your car and the fee, you have to know first how long can the car insurance policy last. This is important to know and realize how long has it been and how much did you pay.

Especially for those who are wondering to keep your new car in the same insurance policy as the old car. All of these people need to spouse their own money since they have to sign the policy paper. But in fact, how lost is it will depend on the agreement.

Car insurance company will offer a lot of options to choose in first hand. The shortest time would be about 3 years and it covers a lot. But if you need something that is more included and maybe think to keep this car safe for a long time, there are other options. 

For those who think that this new car will be inherited to the child, so take longer options. Insurance policy will contact any of those responsible people to prove that is your child. But also, the price you have to pay will be much more expensive as well.

The Pros of Staying with the Same Car Insurance Company

To make it easier to determine what are the advantages if you choose the same insurance policy as the previous car or even want to take an offer from a new one. The advantages of staying at the same insurance company as before are:

1. Loyalty Bonus

Of course, you will get a bonus loyalty offer for registering two cars at different times with the same name. This loyalty bonus is in the form of a special bonus for choosing their company as an insurance provider.

2. Recognizable

You will also be easily recognized by the selected car insurance company because it will continue to be contacted. all processes at the insurance office will be much easier and more practical so that you can ask for help from there at any time.

3. Decreased Deductibles

In addition to bonuses and small benefits that will still be felt, the selected car insurance will also provide additional compulsory deductibles fees. Offers like this are usually only given to loyal insurance customers.

4. Better Options

When looking for insurance options for vehicles, you must have been in a situation where you thought this was less varied. But in fact, the car insurance company deliberately keeps it for loyal customers who want to register for a new vehicle.

5. More Efficient Payment

With two subscriptions in one company only, the payment will be much more efficient. You don't need to check two payment menus, while only choosing one and the price is already combined between 2 or more vehicles.

6. Ease of Renewal

If the contract period has expired, it will also be easier to renew the package from the car insurance company. Apart from having more offers, you don't need to go to the counter. This is a privilege for those whom are already known by agents.

7. Can Give a Better Help

If you know what insurance offers, then one of them is to help when problems occur on the road using an insured vehicle. If you are already recognized by the company, then the request is easily granted.

The Cons of Staying with the Same Car Insurance Company

Back to the main topic, what would the company offer you if only be on the same company not as varied as you choose other company? This is a rational statement while many things can be felt by choosing another insurance company for your car, namely:

1. The Absence of New Customer Bonus and Promos

Every time there is a new registrant, you will be offered an attractive bonus or promo so you don't divert your attention to others. You will not get it if you choose the same insurance company as before.

2. Might be not Satisfied Enough

You will also not feel satisfied with the offers provided. The point is that in terms of service, payment, until the impression with other car insurance company will not be felt. So back again to your own choice.

3. Will Only Get 1 Annual / Birthday Gifts

As a customer, you will be given annual gifts, such as birthday gifts. It doesn't matter how many vehicles are in a particular company, they will only give you one. But if you choose a different one, you will get a different prize too.

Is It a Good Idea to Add Driver’s Name to Car Insurance Company Policy?

But some have the idea to keep getting attractive offers from the company by entering a new name. They may want to get more bonuses and promotions but don't want the hassle.

One idea is to enter the driver's name to be the policyholder. But we assure you that this is not an attractive idea because it will not be a cost-saving thing, it will be complicated.

So the most suitable with everyone that looking for any specific insurance is choose wisely depends on the offer. Who offer you the most and who can be relied on. All car insurance company exactly want the benefit, not lose.