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Car Insurance Questions You Should Ask Before Give it a Sign

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You should ask car insurance questions before you give it a sign. Of course, you don't want that after giving your approval later, there will be many unexpected things that you don't know about, right? There are also myths about car insurance that you should not ignore.

For owners of four-wheeled vehicles, car insurance is an obligation. You must have this to protect your vehicle from anything you don't want. Knowing all the information contained in the insurance agreement letter will be good.

Car insurance questions

Later when something happens, you know where to call and what help you can give. But you should ask directly about important information to an insurance agent or person who is an expert. It also distances you from the myths surrounding insurance.

The price may be expensive, but if you get the best, you will get a lot of benefits. The price is also actually based on many factors, but you won't regret it if you get the most appropriate insurance, it will be so worth it if you have understood it all.

Car Insurance Questions that Lead to the Myth

For prospective insurance customers who are just getting into this field for the first time, they must have heard some myths before, a statement from someone else that is wrong. That's also why we want you to check first to avoid myths like these:

1. Insurance Will Pay for New Car Prices

If something happens, the insurer will not pay for new car prices. This is impossible, just a myth that exists because you don’t ask this type of car insurance questions to the agent. Usually, it will only be paid according to the condition of the car.

2. Car Insurance Provides Coverage for Business Use

In terms of business use, car insurance does not fully cover it. Business use means that it is widely used by other people who are not insurers. If something like this happens, then there will be several forms that the insurer must first fill out.

3. Insurance Cost Depends on the Price of the Car

About the insurance cost, there's no way it will adapt to the price of your car. This is the type of car insurance questions you have to ask. Ask them what's your car value rate in the insurer's book, and we are sure it mostly the same as the other.

4. Driver's Insurance Pays for It

The next myth is, if the driver has his own insurance and causes your car to crash, the driver's insurance will pay for it. But regardless the driver already has his insurance, the owner must be the one who paid it.

5. Color can Affect Insurance Rates

The price of the car alone is not included in the calculation, let alone the color of the vehicle. Many still think about buying a car with only basic colors so that the insurance rate is not too high. Just make sure by asking this car insurance questions.

Car Insurance Questions you Should Ask so the Myths Doesn't Show Up

So that myths like that don't enter the realm of your discussion with the insurance later when something happens, then you must ask some important questions to the agent. Some of the most essential questions that prospective insurance users need to ask are:

1. Will Insurer Pays for Pay for What's Inside the Car?

Try to find out first if the car is entered by a thief and some of the items in it are lost, will the insurance pay for it? In many cases like this, the company will replace it, but the process is a little longer.

2. If Family Member Gone temporary, do you still need to include them in Policy?

You can also give car insurance questions about if a family member goes out of town for a long time, is it necessary to include their name on the policy sheet? The answer is definitely yes, so you can use a vehicle too.

3. If I caused an Accident and another Driver asks for compensation, will it be recovered?

When we have an accident and we are blamed, the party claiming to be the victim will ask for compensation. But now it will be more convenient as the payment can be claimed to the company, as long as you ask one of the car insurance questions.

4. Who Pays if Uninsured Driver causes an accident?

If all will be covered by the insurance company, what if the driver is not the owner of any insurer. If you allow the driver to be uninsured, you will be fined before the claim process can run smoothly.

Factors that affect the Cost of Car Insurance

For those who still think that the price of car insurance is too pricy, you have to know first what factors that lead to the cost of the price. In statistics, we can see the insurance price of a car is about 10 million Rupiah a year. You can give this car insurance questions too.

The first factor is your driving record. How long have you been into driving, if you are still kind of a newbie, the price would jump higher. Otherwise, you will be given some extra discounts as you have categorized pro and won’t crash regularly.

The type of insurance you can get also determines how much you have to pay annually for your car. Also about your post insurance, they will see the record to make sure what kind of driver you are. So don’t get used to paying the same price.

How to Make Sure you Get the Best Car Insurance Coverage?

But one thing you should ask the agent is, how can the agent make sure that you get the best. What we mean is, you can give this type of car insurance questions to convince you about your choice. See how they persuade you to join them.

Car is all about money, you take care of it is also needing money. If you are not giving any care for it, do not wonder how you can get loose. The criteria of what best insurance is, they will give the most quality coverage rather than quality.

For those who are still struggling in looking for insurance, you can make yourself feel clear to have the best insurance company with the best coverage as well. But to come up with this, what you need to know is to give any typical car insurance questions.